Shower Enclosure

Glass Shower Cubicle

A glass shower cubicle helps in creating a separate bathing space within the bathroom. These cubicles act as a partition and restrict vision from the outside. This glass shower cubicle will give your bathroom a new look, so if you want to change your bathroom look, contact our experts now.

Framed Bath Shower Cubicle

The framed bath shower cubicle is a separation between the wet and dry areas. A framed bath shower cubicle surrounds the shower area and is installed with railings or curtain rods fixed with the ceilings or walls. So if you want to install a framed bath shower cubicle in your bathroom, contact us now.

Frameless Bath Cubins

On a frameless shower enclosure, there is zero around the edges, no metal, only the joints where the door meets the panel when the door is open. This look provides a more open and contemporary feel to your bathroom and, on a functional level, eliminates some of the gunk that can build up between the glass and metal.